How To Order?

How to Order Vegetables from My Fresh Order Website ?

  1. Shopping from is very simple!
  2. You need to sign up one time to shop for the products, this is required because without registration, we don’t know where to send your delivery or keep you informed about the delivery.
  3. Once you sign up or login, your basket will always be on the page. Any product you choose to buy will be added to your e-basket. An e-basket is a virtual version of the bag you would use in the market.
  4. You can easily change the quantity or remove the product from the e-basket.
  5. Once you verify the information the final delivery date and time would be there, you can go ahead & check out. By default, the address mentioned in your profile will be taken as the delivery address; however, if you wish to get the delivery at any other address, please mention the address in the Comments Box. We would make the delivery (purely as an exception) in case the area is within our coverage. You can also mention instructions like ‘Leave at neighboring flat number xxx in case of my absence at the time of delivery’, ‘Call me every Monday to take my order’, ‘Repeat same order on 15th June, 2019’ and we’ll make sure that it is done.
  6. Once you have checked out, your order will be placed & you'll get confirmation email on your registered email address.


If at any point, you feel like it’s too complicated,

Then just pick your phone and send your order/query via WhatsApp on +91 823 823 4001 and we’ll help you with it.