Why My fresh Order


Why My fresh Order

To be honest, we could give you over a thousand reasons. But we’ll stop at four for now:

Best quality guaranteed:

We are conscious about our products and for the same we perform stringent quality checks before we even consider listing a product on our website. Which is followed by a thorough check before any order is dispatched. Be assured, your vegetables are in good hands.

Guaranteed delivery on time:

Time is a valuable asset, and we pay our respect to it by being on time. We won’t leave you hanging like that date you said will meet you in 10 mins, but cancelled after you waited for an hour. If we give you a date & time, you can expect us there.

Order before 10 am & get delivery on same day

We want our vegetables to be fresh. We want them to be fresh when they reach your kitchen. And we want them to be fresh even when you bite into it. Thus, orders placed before 10am are delivered on the same day and are delivered in 6-8 hours. Orders placed after 10 pm are delivered the next day upto 12pm.

Cautious delivery in our personal vans

The journey is as good as important as the destination. We really believe in this and have crafted our vans with special space and storage capacity to ensure the veggies reach your doorstep fresh & unharmed. Our delivery ninjas take it as their responsibility to ensure your veggies are safe and packaged appropriately.